Sao Pauli


after more than two months we are leaving Sao Paulo: the global city that can for many reasons claim to be the new New York that Brecht is talking about in Fatzer – time to reveal Bidi’s view on the big cities that just keep growing, never stop expanding, eating up all the ‚hinterland‘: „Everywhere they say it naked: / Now the cities are growing amass! / And this petrefakt / doesn’t stop anymore.“

„Allenthalb sagt man es jetzt nackt:

Jetzt wachsen die Städte: zuhauf!

Und dieses Petrefakt

Hört nicht mehr auf.“

and so people all over the world are afraid of the take-over of the big cities. but the leading – says the Fatzer-commentary – are overcoming this fear and realize the big cities. only Bidi is worried a bit,/ that this humanity’s vulgar/ blabber will be hacked/ into the antennas for loo long.

„Weil ich bekümmert bin

Daß dieser Menschheit abgeschmackt-

es Gewäsch zu lang in

Den Antennen hackt.“

but to hack today also means the codebreaking activity of media-pirates who are entering a foreign vessel in the sense of the German word of ‚entering‘ as boarding, transforming Sao Paulo into Sao Pauli by hissing a black flag – a flag has been hidden by the red flag through most of the 20st century.

so bidi says to himself: to the cities / surely is put an end / after the wind has devoured them / in fact: now!

„Sage ich mir: den Städten ist

Sicher ein Ende gesetzt

Nachdem sie der Wind auffrißt

Und zwar: jetzt.“

and thus eight black flags will fill with that wind and the city will be sailing with fifty  cannons…


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