marighella morto

Marighela monument

Marighella monument

here we go again: just a few blocks from our apartment hotel we found it, but not without difficulties: the monument for carlos marighella, author of the „minimanual of the urban guerilla“ who was shot at this spot on the fourth of novembre 1969. there are 2 things strange in this picture: 1) the plate is missing, 2) the blood on the side of the stone. uncanny, this monument without a name, but somehow familiar: it reminds me on brecht’s poem Handbuch für Städtebewohner („handbook for urbanites“) which can also be read as a minimanual for urban underground resistance:

„Sorge, wenn du zu sterben gedenkst
Daß kein Grabmal steht und verrät, wo du liegst
Mit einer deutlichen Schrift, die dich anzeigt
Und dem Jahr deines Todes, das dich überführt!
Noch einmal:
Verwisch die Spuren!

(Das wurde mir gesagt.)“

„Take care when you consider to die / That no tomb is standing and giving away, where you lie / With a distinct writing, which announces you / And the year of your death, which convicts you! / Once again: / Erase the traces!

(So I was told!)“

„The urban guerrilla is not a businessman in a commercial firm nor is he a character in a play. Urban guerrilla warfare, like rural guerrilla warfare, is a pledge the guerrilla makes to himself. When he cannot face the difficulties, or knows that he lacks the patience to wait, then it is better to relinquish his role before he betrays his pledge, for he clearly lacks the basic qualities necessary to be a guerrilla.“ (Carlos Marighella, 1969)


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